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    I have a customer that wants to enter a lot of data all at once into a DB.<BR><BR>Data look like:<BR>F,FULL,DISREGARD,XX,TEST,ZZ,4/30/2001<BR>F,FULL,DISREGARD,XX,TEST,ZZ,4/30/2001<BR>F,FULL,DISREGARD,XX,TEST,ZZ,4/30/2001<BR><BR>How do I go about entering each line from one form Var?<BR><BR>I also need to error check the Data by cycling thru it. But I am not sure how to read each one separately.<BR><BR>

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    Well, it depends. Is it required to go on a form or can the customer put the data in a .csv (comma separated value) file or Excel spreadsheet? If yes:<BR>csv - use filesystemobject text steam to read lines, split along commas using the split function. Check the link to VBScript reference @ left.<BR>excel - use as a datasource and read out. There are some decent articles on this site and I think a FAQ or two.<BR><BR>If not and they insist on (I guess) copying and pasting into a big textarea, you&#039;ll need to read in the field as a variable then split along the line breaks and then split those along commas. Check the vbscript reference on split.<BR>Hope this helps some, the solution will depend on how the customer can provide the data.<BR><BR>

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