FP 2000, ADO,Access97, ASP Connection Problem

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Thread: FP 2000, ADO,Access97, ASP Connection Problem

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    Cary Lawler Guest

    Default FP 2000, ADO,Access97, ASP Connection Problem

    Thanks for your time..<BR><BR>I created access 97 DB, asp page, ADO connection.. Everything worked great, found data, displayed data all was well. <BR>Until I changed a field (or Column) name in my access 97 dB.<BR><BR>Now I get this error: &#062;&#062;ADODB.Recordset error &#039;800a0cc1&#039; <BR><BR>Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. &#060;&#060; <BR><BR>There are 8 data fields in my database, the one that was renamed<BR>trips the above error.<BR><BR>It seems that the dB Change did not get passed to some config file somewhere so Front Page, and/or ADO recognizes only 7 out of 8 fields in the Database.<BR><BR>I have created new system dsn&#039;s, Global.asa seems fine, all using the same DNS information. Same for the ODBC Data Source Manager.<BR><BR>Remember, EVERYTHING worked great until I renamed a data field in the database. I have re-imported the dB into FP to allow FP<BR>to re-create its own DSN but no help.<BR><BR>What I need is :<BR> 1. A procedure to correct the problem.<BR> 2. The location of any config. files that are used in <BR> this incidence so I can edit them if possible.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Cary

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    Default RE: FP 2000, ADO,Access97, ASP Connection Problem

    Just try to run your query in your db,see what you get,also use "Response.Write (yourquery)"after your query,etc.<BR>Hope you are closing your db when checking page?<BR>

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    Cary Lawler Guest

    Default RE: FP 2000, ADO,Access97, ASP Connection Problem

    Thanks for the response.<BR><BR>The query run against the DB in ACCESS works fine.<BR>"Closing the data base when checking pages?" ACCESS is closed, is that what you mean? I close the RS and The oConn when I close the ASP page. I&#039;m a little fuzzy on your meaning there.<BR><BR>I used response.write() to test each field in the database, each one is being passed to the asp page fine EXCept the 8th or the one whose name was changed from "Amount" to "SellPrice".

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