Image height and width tags needed?

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Thread: Image height and width tags needed?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>If the image height and width tag are ommited does the browser automatically default to the image height and width? Do any browsers or browser version have trouble doing this? Can it cause errors?<BR><BR>I would like to leave the height and width out of some asp code so users of the code can use their own icon graphics which may be of varying size...<BR><BR>Thanks for any advice....

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    If you leave out the height and width attributes, the image will be displayed in it&#039;s actual size. This goes for all browsers that are capable of displaying images.<BR><BR>The main reason for the height and width attributes is so that the browser knows the size of the images before they have actually started to load. This helps the browser layout the page a little faster. Some older browsers won&#039;t even start laying out the page until all the image sizes have been determined. With no attributes, this means the page won&#039;t start displaying until all the images have started downloading. Newer browsers are better at this. They will just adjust the page afterwards.

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