My site needs to serve 1 million users. Recommenda

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Thread: My site needs to serve 1 million users. Recommenda

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    Default My site needs to serve 1 million users. Recommenda

    Can you make any recommendations code-wise (DO's and DONT's)regarding supporting 1 million users, with 100,000 - 500,000 concurrent sessions expected? Thanks guys :-)

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    Default Heavy load for ASP site!

    &nbsp;<BR>Even on a REALLY powerful machine--say 4 processors in the box [*not* 4 computers--4 processors], all running full out--ASP is going to bog down at 1,000 to 2,000 simultaneous requests. Fewer if doing any heavy DB stuff. Now, 100,000 concurrent sessions may not ever cause more than 1,000 simultaneous requests, but what happens when it does?<BR><BR>So, if you *are* going to use ASP (and there are some big sites that successfully do so), then....<BR><BR>-- It will almost surely be a Web server "farm", so avoid Session values at all costs (as MS will tell you). <BR><BR>-- Try for early identification of "problem pages" (ones that do a significant amount of processing) and, if practicable, convert them to compiled code. Do *not* create compiled code to do piddly little can actually be slower to go back and forth from the scripting language to the compiled code!<BR><BR>-- What the heck...a minor plug. Consider putting your ASP code on Unix. You can then get some "beefier" hardware behind your solution. And a more stable OS, per many, many people in the industry. But it&#039;s where I work, so that&#039;s why I warned you about the plug.<BR><BR>-- Most important, perhaps: Get a *GOOD* database system! Yes, SQL Server is good. But evaluate carefully to be sure that its particular capabilities match your needs best! Consider that alternatives, too!<BR><BR>

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