Hi<BR>I&#039;m in a bit of a confused state as to all the diferent languages piling up as far as client side and server side scripting. I&#039;m pretty comfortable with Visual Studio and C++ and VID, and am using JavaScript client side and VBScript on the server. What I&#039;d please like some guidance on is,<BR>1 <BR>C#. Sounds great. Garbage collection like Java and other good stuff. And with ASP.NET, you can write server code in C# and it compiles. Will VBScript go out the window? I&#039;ll jump on C# anyway, so should I concentrate on C# and not so much VBScript?<BR>2<BR>JavaScript. I want to get a good book on JavaScript ( looking at Beginning JavaScript- Wrox ). JavaScript gos server side to. <BR>Whats in the wind ? Is JavaScript a stayer? Whats JSript?<BR>All advice much apreciated<BR>Thanks <BR>Zeg<BR>