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    Mark Aurit Guest

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    I have a subject and I dont know where to turn for resources. Im putting up a relatively simple ecommerce site (no shopping cart, not much more than credit card # and $ amount) using the set of dna technologies and Ive never done this. Im having a hard time addressing the whole set of issues from working with ssl to integrating to a merchant accounts credit card processing system as Im not sure where to start, and I dont want to burn time going down the wrong road. Im sure a bunch of people have gone through this, but I cant find anything.<BR>I realize this is not strictly asp its more architectural, but it sure is advanced!<BR>Any ideas? Id appreciate any.

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    Kezia Guest

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    I have nearly finished doing what I think you are doing, If you tell me your exact questions I&#039;ll see if I can answer them.<BR><BR>K

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