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    I was wondering how you would handle this..<BR>Right now I have a Table Named locatios<BR>in this table I have a colum for startes and several states listed;<BR>location&#062;states<BR>so far so good.. now each state has subregions so I added a colum<BR>and I list my sub regions and seperate them with a space and use the split function when I want to display all the sub regoins for the state;<BR>locations&#062;state <BR>-sub <BR>-sub <BR>-sub<BR><BR>Its all good but the sub regions need sub regions so this is where I am baffled. So how would I do this wiht out making 500 tables of subs. It makes sence in a tree folder system but not a database<BR><BR>Thanks for any help

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    Never, never, never put multiple values into a single field.<BR><BR>You should have tables for states, regions, and subregions.<BR><BR>Thus:<BR><BR>Table: States<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; Abbrev -- two letter abbreviation, also used as Primary Key!<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; ... any other state level info ...<BR><BR>Table: Regions<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; RegionID -- Autonumber? Primary key<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; StateAbbrev -- foreign key into States table<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; ... any region level info ...<BR><BR>Table: SubRegions<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; SubRegionID -- Autonumber? Primary key<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; RegionID -- foreign key into Regions table<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; ... subregion level info ...<BR><BR>

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