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    I was wondering how to force email to keep a url on one line within ASP. I use the CDONTS object to send the mail. I try to send a pretty long URL out within the email, but it splits it onto more than one line. I use this URL for validation in a program, so the query string that gets cut off causes the Validation to fail when they click on the link. Any help would be great.<BR><BR>TIA

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    If you&#039re talking about what the URL looks like in your e-mail client after you open the message then you&#039re at the mercy of your e-mail program. When you write the url in the message put it on a line by itself. If it is REALLY long you may be outta luck. Add a line in the message that instructs people that if the URL is "wrapped" they will have to manually cut/paste or type it in the address line of their browser.<BR><BR>Joel

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