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    Charles Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m getting a run time error 429, Ative X component cannot create object at the second line of my code, can someone please<BR>help me resolve this problem.<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR> Private Sub Command1_Click()<BR> Dim var1 As Object<BR> Set var1 = CreateObject("SNCls3.SNOrder")<BR> Dim var2 As Collection<BR> Set var2 = var1.GetOrderTest<BR> &#039;MsgBox var2.Count<BR> Dim i As Integer<BR> For i = 1 To var2.Count<BR> Dim x As Object<BR> Set x = var2.Item(i)<BR> List1.AddItem x.Symbol<BR> List1.AddItem x.OrderType<BR> Set x = Nothing<BR> Next i<BR> Set var1 = Nothing<BR> Set var2 = Nothing<BR> End Sub

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    Add the reference of that object to your project.

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    Charles Guest

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    I already did that, do you have any other suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks

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