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    GripThor Guest

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    Ok I would like to know which language I should be spending my time on. I started with javaS but once I got into VBS I never wanted to go back .( I don't care about netscape users sorry) I just prefer VBS styling over JavaS however I have heard that vbs isn't as good in the long run so what do you guys think?

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    Medieval Dude Guest

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    If you develop for say an intranet environment where you know everyone has the latest and greatest Internet Explorer and that's all they use, then vbscript works well. But how many people only do that and can make such assumptions? If you develop web pages for the internet, you cannot neglect other browsers just because you prefer vbscript. I started with vbscript, but now I'm adapting to javascript. I think that, yes, in the long run javascript wins out because of the browser battles. If Microsoft wants to incoroporate all kinds of neat things that only work in its browser, I'm not going to use their language. Your company (or whatever companies you are a consultant for) probably wouldn't want you to lose a certain percentage of the market either.

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