I have a little problem and I don&#039;t see the solution for it:<BR>Situation:<BR>1. We have a Novell NDS and a Novell Server with Netscape on it<BR>2. We have a Groupwise server with WebAccess<BR>3. We have a NT server with an intranet on it.<BR><BR>Problem: User comes in on no. 1. (validation req) On the startpage there is a link to 2. (NDS validation req. & Groupwise validation req.)<BR>Now the user clicks on a link on 1. to the .asp site and there is also validation req. (username/pwd checked against a db).<BR><BR>We want to drop the last validation (user is allready validated on 1, if not then validate). Is there a possibilty to drop the last validation IF loged in on 1. (the NDS) (not usrname/pwd in url please)? Or is there any posibilty that IF the user logs in on the .asp site the username/pwd is checked against the NDS user? (i only need a boolean: False, True as response) This last solution would save the work to type in the 15000 users ;-)<BR><BR>Any help is welcome!