I'm stumped, please help, multiple level cate

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Thread: I'm stumped, please help, multiple level cate

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    Andy H Guest

    Default I'm stumped, please help, multiple level cate

    I want to have search and directory browsing similar to the style of yahoo. I tried creating multiple tables, but the joins that I had to use were very processor intensive. How can I accomplish this more effieciently?<BR><BR>I had the following tables in my first attempt...<BR><BR>cat1<BR>cat1_id<BR>cat1_name (i.e. Recreation)<BR>&#039;<BR>cat2<BR>cat2_id<BR>cat1_i d<BR>cat2_name (i.e. Boating)<BR>&#039;<BR>cat3<BR>cat3_id<BR>cat2_id<B R>cat3_name (i.e. Watersports)<BR>&#039;<BR>cat4<BR>cat4_id<BR>org_i d (i.e. 2)<BR><BR>So the user would get this type of a response when they searched<BR><BR>cat1_name (i.e. Recreation)<BR>&#062; cat2_name (i.e. Boating)<BR>--&#062; cat3_name (i.e. Watersports)<BR>----&#062;listing 1 (i.e. Watersports Hut)<BR>----&#062;listing 2 (i.e. Joe&#039;s Surfboards)<BR>--&#062; cat3_name (i.e. Charters)<BR>----&#062;listing 3 (i.e. Mt. Washington Dinner Cruise)<BR>----&#062;listing 4 (i.e. Doris E. Mailboat Rides)<BR>cat1_name (i.e. Logding)<BR>&#062; cat2_name (i.e. Indoor)<BR>--&#062; cat3_name (i.e. Hotels)<BR>----&#062;listing 1 (i.e. Wolfeboro Inn)<BR>

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    Andy H Guest

    Default Basically I need the structure for a Yellow Pages


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    Default Looks theoretically correct to me...

    I *assume* that the ID&#039;s were all primary keys? Autonumber or equivalent?<BR><BR>You don&#039;t show any foreign key in Cat4...what is that table used for???<BR><BR>This should *NOT* be that resource intensive. Really. This is the most natural kind of join in the world.<BR><BR>Ugly thought: You weren&#039;t opening up a recordset each time through a loop on the outer recordset were you????<BR><BR>

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