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    jshirts Guest

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    I keep getting a "Name Redefined" error at the top of my asp page. I looked up MSDN stuff about this error and it should only be triggered when a variable of the same name has been declared twice (at least that&#039;s what I understand). The place where the error occurs is line that has no code on it--only a &#060;% to start a new section of asp code. And it is right after the &#060;%@ language=vbscript %&#062; line. Changing my code has had no effects. Can someone help!!!<BR>-jshirts

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    meeta Guest

    Default RE: post your code

    do you have any variables declared?make sure they are not declared twice.

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    Are you using an include file? That&#039;s a common source of this error. Also, you probably have the wrong line number; the line count is notoriously unreliable.

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