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    Jon Guest

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    Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to write a web-based application using Access, and ASPs written in JavaScript. I&#039m using Visual InterDev and I&#039m trying to use their Recordset DTC (design time control). However I keep running into the following error:<BR><BR>"ADODB.Properties error &#039 800a0cc1&#039 "<BR><BR>I think it is related to the cursor and bookmark settings in the DTC. Does anyone know what cursor and bookmark settings I should be using to read, update, and insert records into the database using a client-side object? I&#039ve look all over the place and I can&#039t find any &#039real&#039 examples of how and when to use the different kinds of cursor and bookmark settings. The best I can find is a very basic description of each. Which doesn&#039t tell me when to use it or even how to use it.<BR><BR>I appreciate any help anyone can provide.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>-Jon

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    Theres a Microsoft knowledge base article on it.<BR><BR>Can other pages open this database? In my limited experience, the mdb has to live on the same server as IIS, although it can be a different disk drive.<BR>

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    Jon Guest

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    Thanks for the article Peter!<BR><BR>Just to answer your question. Yes other pages can open the database fine. In fact I can pretty much open and read and move through the database tables as needed. What I haven&#039t been able to do yet is insert a new record into a table. Seems like the methods "AddRecord," "AddImmediate," and "AddNew" just don&#039t seem to want to cooperate with me.<BR><BR>-sigh-<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Jon

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