I have stored procedure on ORACLE SERVER. When I execute it from <BR>SQL-PLUS at SQL&#062;EXECUTE ProcedureA(&#039;NNMMN&#039;) it takes much less time than when I exceute it from ASP with Command Object like<BR><BR>&#060;% Set objCommand = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command") <BR> <BR> With objCommand<BR> .ActiveConnection = objCon<BR> .CommandText = "ProcedureA"<BR> .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc<BR> .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter(, adVariant, adParamInput)<BR> <BR> End With<BR> <BR> objCommand(0).Value = cstr(Seldate) <BR> objCommand.Execute<BR> %&#062;<BR><BR><BR>My question is what am I doing wrong? Is there any thing extra that need to be done to exceute a stored procedure with ADO from ASP?<BR><BR>If someone knows the hidden stuff, please let me know. I need to enhance the performance. Thanks<BR>