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    Steve H. Guest

    Default CDONTS & MS Exchange

    I am attempting to send mail with CDONTS and am receiving a permission denied error on the line where I call foo.send.<BR><BR>Per a 4guys article, this is probably because the security settings are incorrect. It suggested that I give full control to IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; on mail root directories. It gave c:inetpubmailroot as a typical directory.<BR><BR>The sysadmin for my client&#039;s box tells me that directory doesn&#039;t exist since they are running Exchange. Any suggestions on how to get CDONTS to work in this situation?<BR><BR>(Don&#039;t suggest using another mail method unless it truely is the *only* solution)<BR><BR>Thanks

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    el gano Guest

    Default RE: CDONTS & MS Exchange

    you will need to configure your exchange box to lower the security level in order to correct that.

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    Default Can I have more specifics?

    I know nothing of Exchange and will not be working with the box to correct this problem. What should I ask my sysadmin to do?

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    Can I please have more specifics on what needs to be changed in Exchange and where to do it??<BR><BR>Thanks

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