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Thread: ASP or HTM for static pages?

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    Default ASP or HTM for static pages?

    I&#039ve read suggestions that you should just use HTM files for your pages that are static (don&#039t require any scripting). This is done to make them load quicker. However, on such pages I&#039d like to take advantage of #include files just to get consistent headers, footers and navbars.<BR><BR>Now is has to be ASP and will have to be processed first, when there really isn&#039t any scripting. Are there any good compromises?<BR>

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    You don&#039t have to use ASP files to use the #include directive. You can use .stm, .shtm, or .shtml extensions to incorporate #include capabilities without incoporating ASP capabilities. And, yes, .stm, .shtm, and .shtml files will load and execute faster than .asp files.<BR><BR>You can learn more at:<BR><BR>The Low-Down on #include<BR>

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