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    Volker Guest

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    This question is actually not ASP related, but I thought, this might be a common problem for every webprogrammer.<BR>I wanna build a so called office-locator, where you can search for the nearest office to your Zip-Code. So the user enter a ZIP-Code and gets the closest office.<BR>What I implemented is just a minimum-search over the value of the zipcode. It works nice, but unfortunatly not very correctly.<BR>Is there any dynamic way to solve that problem? I could do a map like zipcode 20000 - 23000 -&#062; 21343 (the office in this area) but when I insert new office, the entire map would be messed up.<BR><BR>Thanks for any response...

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    Troy the ASP Boy Guest

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    I am working on a similar project right now. Check out They have a database with Geocoding of zip codes (latitude and longitude). You could enter a zip code and do some basic math LatA-LatB and LongB-LongB to come up with a proximity locator.

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