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    I am running IIS 4.0 and once in while ASP pages stop working. I tried to stop the IIS but that didn&#039t help, only way i can make them start working is reboot the server. Any idea why its doing this ? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Farhan

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    When you say you stop the IIS do you stop the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" or the "IIS Admin Service"? Stopping the WWW publishing service is, usually, not enough if you&#039ve got a runaway app or memory leak of some type. After you stop the WWW Pub. Service find the IIS Admin Service in the Services applet and stop it also. If you get an error that says the service can&#039t be stopped you will either have to use the KILL utility from the NT Resources Kit OR reboot your server. If you resort to using the kill utility you&#039ll need to KILL the inetinfo.exe process (that&#039s the executable that runs the IIS Admin Service).<BR>After stopping the IIS Admin Service you only need to re-start the WWW Pub service as starting that will automatically start the IIS Admin Service if it isn&#039t running.<BR><BR>I sincerely wish you good luck &#039cause I&#039ve been in your shoes many times.<BR><BR>Joel

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