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    This is such the easy thing but I can&#039;t get it right.<BR>simply I can get the WHERE to work if i make it somthing like<BR>WHERE id = 2"<BR>but I want to target a string colum so I tryied<BR>WHERE location=&#039;"&ac&"&#039;"<BR>WHERE location=&#039;"+ac+"&#039;"<BR>WHERE location=ac"<BR><BR>this should be such the easy thing. I am sure someone can spit out the anwser in no time but could you take a quick sec to explain so I don&#039;t have to ever post such a rediclus message again. Thanks

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    do this...<BR><BR>SQL = "Select * from table where location=&#039;ac&#039;"<BR><BR>or if AC is a variable name...<BR>SQL = "Select * from table where location=&#039;" & ac & "&#039;"<BR><BR>Note the single quotes.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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