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    i am a newbie to asp programming and i got stuck on this...<BR>i am trying to make a page that uses a database called signup.mdb with a table called "Sign up users". what i want it to do is look to the database and see if username and password match an insert in the database. There are quit a few fields, will i need to create a querie with the fields needed. if the u/n and p/w is right then it forwards to a page called index.htm and if it is wrong then it goes to loginerror.htm.<BR>Thanks for any help.<BR>Luke Ashely J

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    sql = "Select username, pwd from usertable where username = &#039;" & request("uname") & "&#039; and pwd = &#039;" & reqeust("pwd") & "&#039;"<BR>set rs = conn.execute(sql)<BR>If not rs.eof then &#039; this means the username password are correct<BR>response.redirect "index.htm"<BR>else<BR>response.redirect "loginerror.htm"<BR>end if<BR>

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