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    is there any way i can use INITCAP in the following query:<BR><BR>SELECT distinct prod_name FROM volumes_volumes order by prod_name", "DSN=nexttrade"<BR><BR>i need to make the first letter of each product name uppercase, also, is there a way i can do that for a product description (for example, if the product name in the databse "is very poor digital cam")<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    in ASP u don&#039;t have any built in function for that.But u can do something like <BR><BR>x="hello"<BR>x=Ucase(mid(x,1,1)) & mid(x,2)<BR>response.write x<BR><BR>There are still many methods to accomplish similarly.<BR><BR>but, many DBs support Initcap, do it in the back end<BR><BR>

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