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    i want to delete a folder when the user close&#039;s the browser<BR><BR>i wrote session_onEnd event in the global.asa<BR>but seems that it is not working<BR><BR>the code that i have is<BR>sub Session_OnEnd<BR><BR>dim nameOfFolder &#039;name of folder to create<BR>Dim fso &#039;filesystemobject<BR>Set fso = server.CreateObject"Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR>fso.DeleteFolder "c:inetpubwwwrootdocumentation\"&nameOfFolder& "" <BR>End Sub<BR><BR>am i doing anything wrong.....<BR>any suggestions

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    Session_onEnd doesn&#039;t fire accurately, and sometimes may not even fire.It&#039;s a bug.But u cannot expect results instantly even if it works.Give IIS some time to breath.<BR><BR>But, don&#039;t do it in session_onend try any other alternative, either with some javascript code .

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