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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m working on an online ordering system. One of my tables contains all the orders taken. When someone orders more than one item, I simply store a comma delimited list of product numbers into a column called &#039;products&#039;, and a similar list of quantities into a column called &#039;quantity&#039;. <BR><BR>I&#039;m wondering if there is a better way to do this in Access. Is there some data type that is specifically suited to store a list of items like this, and is perhaps a little easier to work with??<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Neils

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    Default Learn about NORMALIZATION

    If you are designing databases and don&#039;t know about normalization, then you are heading to a *disastrous* fall.<BR><BR>Get a good beginning db design book and read, read, read!<BR><BR>For a *summary* of the ideas, see here:<BR>http://w3.one.net/~jhoffman/sqltut.htm<BR><BR>But you really, really, really need to go get a book. Or, at a minimum, look up the topic online at several places.<BR><BR>

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    As always Bill, I thank you for your help.

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