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    Data is stored from a text area into the database which has description of an item, which may be of 2 or more paragraphs. When it is retrieved it gives the output as a single paragraph.<BR><BR>How do i get the output to be as the one entered by the user i.e if he enters 2 paras the output should be in 2 paras and not one.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?!!!

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    The data is *STILL* in two paragraphs.<BR><BR>To prove it to yourself, re-display the data in another TEXTAREA or between &#060;PRE&#062;...&#060;/PRE&#062; tags.<BR><BR>If you are displaying the data via ordinary HTML, you are hopefully aware that HTML *ignores* all "white space"...treating multiple spaces, new lines, tabs, etc., all as a single space.<BR><BR>So...<BR><BR>What you need to do is convert the NEWLINE characters in the TEXTAREA into something that HTML recognizes as a forced paragraph, yes?<BR><BR>Think about:<BR><BR>Replace( thetext, vbNewLine, "&#060;P&#062;" )<BR><BR>

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