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    Neil Locke Guest

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    I passed a Querystring from a javascript window.open line. The line containes a url like "Page1.asp?Filter=(id like N&#039;%c%&#039;)" but when I read the Querystring value on top of Page1 the value is "(id like N&#039;o&#039;)" with a ~ over top of the o. Any ideas why this occurs or how to correct this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Reggie McToot Guest

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    If you put a %&#060;character&#062; in an address line it converts it to something like the ascii character. Like if you put %20 in an address line, that actually represents a space. So it&#039;s interpreting the % signs in your SQL statement as characters along with the letters following it.<BR><BR>In other words, %c = an o with a ~ over it.

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