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    I would like to have your opinion on this issue.<BR>"How important is it to create either a web site OR a web application, compatible in Netscape & Explorer"<BR><BR>The reason why I&#039;m asking is because I&#039;m looking for good arguments and facts for my personal benefit and others.<BR><BR>I was reading yesterday, here in ASP Q & A forum , a post talking about the session variable and how we are so afraid of using it. And I found some pretty convincing arguments. Now I&#039;m using it. <BR>But anyways, my question was "Is it still valuable to a company and web programmer to create a web site that is compatible in all types of PC and Browser? Is it worth the Trial & Error."<BR><BR>Should Web Site and Web Application be compatible in:<BR>PC -&#062; Internet Explore & Netscape<BR>Mac -&#062; Internet Explore & Netscape<BR><BR>Please give me the best of your arguments and facts on this. <BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Thanks<BR>Vlince<BR>

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    Default Fuzzy math?

    Code for IE, just don&#039;t "break" the other browsers.<BR><BR>If you are running an ecommerce site, you better take into consideration every factor. Do you want someone not buying your product because it doesn&#039;t work/look good on their browser?<BR><BR>On my sites, IE gets the bells and whistles, and as long as NS doesn&#039;t throw up on the code, it ships (but we&#039;re the 800 pound gorillia in this arena, and there isn&#039;t much comp)<BR><BR>The more you code for more browsers/platforms, the more customer base you have. It&#039;s simple math.

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    Default The argument can go both ways

    I can personally see the validity of both sides of the tree here... To develop an application that is compatiable in Netscape and IE would keep the programmer from being sort of "sloppy", now by that I mean all tags line up correctly and conform to the standards and making exceptions for the different browser handicaps... <BR><BR>But this can also be a burdon and a "not so cost efficient" way of going about developing a web application. To develop an application that is cross-platform compatiable is time consuming and may end up costing an employer, department, company more money and time...<BR><BR>Note I took this argument as literal as possible looking at the extremes. I&#039;ve noticed in my experiences that IE is much more forgiving when it comes to web app. development whereas in Netscape, your application output is a beast of its own, and can become a quite aggervating task to make your application work within the bounds of it.<BR><BR>Personally, if I am just developing, I develop for the IE platform, if the job requires that I adapt it to work with Netscape I will do my best to make it work within the restrictive environment of netscape.<BR><BR>As far as MAC and PC, it is important to include both hardware profiles as it is hard to determine the scope of your page audience...<BR><BR>Oh well, just my .02...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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