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    Laima Guest

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    I have created a form in Front Page. When I try to change the page to .asp and pre-fill some form fields from info I have in a query string, the form will not submit. Any suggestions?

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    Don't use frontpage and learn to code with notepad!

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    BAM Guest

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    Laima Guest

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    *<BR>I found my own solution...I create the form I want in Front Page,<BR>cut out all the server extension junk, and saved is as an asp page. I downloaded & installed the .Com object JMail.dll from, and it works like a charm--I&#039;ll recommend it to anybody. On submit, I go to an asp page that kicks out the email as well as the confirmation.<BR>(concerning the usage of Front Page vs. notepad: I try to make use of all options, using various software and devices to make my work as easy and as fast as possible, depending on my needs!)

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