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    Hi Guys<BR><BR>I am new in ASP may be its not a good question. From where I can get list of session variables, is these are pre-defined variables or user can also defined session variables, just like we do in Visual Basic<BR>Int X,Y<BR>String A,B<BR><BR>Please clear my concept regarding session variables.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Nothing is predefined.U have to define them the way u do with normal variables except the syntax.<BR><BR>look at the msdn site for details

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    Default Which version of VB are YOU using?

    You cannot do this in vb:<BR><BR>Int X,Y<BR>String A,B<BR><BR><BR>It&#039;s not even valid C++/Java Syntax, since it would then be:<BR><BR>int x, y //notice lower case int<BR><BR>Or are you using the new VBC++JavaScript language that Microsoft is releasing?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>As for script, there are some constants, such as vbTrue, vbFalse, and the like. You&#039;ll have to search the help manual to get them all. But that has nothing to do with session variables.

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