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    I&#039;ve tried getting an answer to this on the ASP Q&A forum and forums at other sites. Hopefully, somebody monitoring this forum has more information.<BR><BR>My goal is to hide the complete URL from the users, so that I won&#039;t get people stealing my bandwidth by linking directly to my images from their websites. <BR> <BR>I read Bart Silverstein&#039;s article on protecting images in 4Guys ASP articles. This works great, but I am having a problem, which I am unable to resolve. The html tag is: <BR> <BR>&#060;IMG SRC="scripts/getImage.asp?FName=print.gif"&#062; <BR> <BR>The asp file redirects with the correct path to the file passed in. The problem is that when a user right clicks on the image and selects "Save Picture As...", the only Save Type available is Bitmap. I want the user to be able to save the image in the image&#039;s true format. <BR>

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    Default Can't have both...

    ...both convenience and security.<BR><BR>The whole *POINT* of doing it the way in that article is to hide the identity of the image, right? And because of the way that image is sent to the browser, it has NO file name associated with it. So... It&#039;s a bitmap. The lowest common denominator in MS terms.<BR><BR>If you want your users to have more convenience, you&#039;ll have to use another technique. The easiest one is to copy the file to a temporary location, giving it a file name unique to that user, allow the load, and then wipe the file after so many seconds/minutes/whatever.<BR><BR>

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