Weirdness with Session.LCID

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Thread: Weirdness with Session.LCID

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    Default Weirdness with Session.LCID

    I&#039;m having really weird problems with this. (UK by the way)<BR><BR>On any page where I am using dates, I have :<BR><BR>Session.LCID = 2057<BR><BR>at the top of the page before anything other code.<BR><BR>All the dates appear on the screen in MM/DD/YYYY format, but write the correct format to the database (SQL Server).<BR><BR>All of the machines I have tested this on are the same with the same regional settings etc.. The servers are set correctly.<BR><BR>Does anyone have ideas on this? I&#039;m beginning to tear my hair out!

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    Flinty Guest

    Default PLEASE HELP!!!

    This is so weird. Changing the LCID to US settings has no effect. The dates still appear in US format. (Well I suppose they should!), but setting to Spanish makes them appear okay. Madness.

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