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    Annie Lam Guest

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    Hi, there<BR><BR>When a user has logged on into the application, I need to record the time into a database. If the user logs out properly (calling the Session.Abandon() via a link), the time would be recorded into the database would be updated accordingly. But in case, the user just closes his browser, I would like the database to record it as well. Or if there is a period of inactivity on the site, say after 30 minutes, the site would be redirect back to the log in page, but the time will have be updated in the database as well.<BR><BR>Please feel free to email me at Any solutions are welcomed. :)<BR><BR>Thank You.

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    Vikram Koneri Guest

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    First U need to store the last access time by the user for the session.Then u need to check on each page the difference betn current time and last access time. If its greater than TimeOut period then redirect it wherever u want.<BR><BR>Next since the user may not log himself out, the session will timeout and the Session close event would be called which could be used to upate the database.<BR><BR>Let me know if u need more help.

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    Annie Lam Guest

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    I&#039m sorry, but I don&#039t really get what you are trying to across to me. Can you elaborate further? Maybe if you can give me that portion of codes, that would be better. <BR><BR>I would appreciate ur help greatly. :)<BR><BR>Thank You.

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