Perl man needs ASP help !!!

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Thread: Perl man needs ASP help !!!

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    Default Perl man needs ASP help !!!

    I have a perl cgi script that prints out a text string.<BR><BR>I have a ASP based webpage and would like to display the cgi text string and part of the text.<BR><BR>Is it posible to do that and how???<BR><BR>BR<BR><BR>Soren

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    Something that pops into my empty head is have Perl write the string to a file. If you want to save each time it writes make sure you appending. Then just use includes were you want to text to go in you ASP page.<BR><BR>If you have more then one line but only want to get a a certain one out, just split it up with ASP code and grab the value you want from the array it makes.<BR><BR>hope this helps in some way...<BR><BR>Cheers!

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