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    Hi,<BR> <BR>I&#039m having a problem which I haven&#039t been able to find an answer to in any resource book or any website. My Access database contains a field called "Cost" whose contents I would like to display with two decimal places (for obvious reasons) when queried from a search form. The field at the moment is of type "Double", with 2 decimal places, and Format is "Fixed". My ASP code to retrieve the fields in the database is correct, though the decimal places in the Cost field do not show up - it displays the number as an integer.<BR> <BR>The ASP code for printing the Cost field contents is simply: &#060;%=rs("Cost")&#037;&#062;, where rs is a recordset.<BR> <BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated,<BR>Dave.

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    Try using this and see if it works<BR>&#060;%= FormatNumber(rs("Cost"),2)&#037;&#062;, <BR>Good Luck!<BR>John

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