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    Anjali Guest

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    In Internet options for cookies enabling and diabling there are two options as follows:<BR><BR>1)Allow cookies that are stored in your computer.<BR> Disable<BR> Enable<BR> Prompt<BR>2)Allow per-session cookies(not stored)<BR> Disable<BR> Enable<BR> Prompt<BR><BR>I can check whether the first type of cookies are enabled or disabled by &#039;window.navigator.cookieEnabled&#039;.<BR> How can I check whether the second type of cookies for a browser are enabled or disabled ?

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    James W. Guest

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    create a session variable then test for it&#039;s existance. If it does exist, per-session is enabled; if not, then per-session is disabled or user replied no to prompt

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    Or write a cookie and dont set a expiration date/time for it. It will become a session bases cookie, similar to a session.

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