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Thread: Help on Calling a .Net Component in ASP Page

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    Anil K Sangesapu Guest

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    I need to call a .Net Component in ASP Page. I'm able to create an instance using Server.CreateObject but not able to execute any of the methods. This is just a simple component written in C sharp. I have registered it using regasm. I have also tried to create a COM component of the .Net using tlbexp and use it in the ASP Page, but still the problem persists. Any help or pointers is highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

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    I think that if you need to expose some of your logic between different platforms/technologies that you&#039;d need to write your component as a &#039;Web Service&#039; and register it on a Server with the CLR installed.<BR><BR>When you say "I&#039;m able to create an instance" are you sure that an actual instance of your Component is created? If so how did you validate that?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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    Anil K Sangesapu Guest

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    When i called the toString() method on the instance it displayed the Prog ID. So that validates that the Object is created. I&#039;m running my webserver on a .Net environment i.e. it has CLR installed.<BR>my asp page is simple with Set objSimple = Server.CreateObject("SimpleCCom.SampleCCom")<BR>Re sponse.Write "objSimple : " & objSimple.toString() works fine<BR>therez a sample() method in my component that returns a string<BR>Response.Write "String : " & objSimple.sample() doesn&#039;t work<BR><BR>Firstly, Is it Possible to call a C# Component(with or without any changes) in a basic ASP Page Ver2.0?

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