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    hope you can help me, if you can you are a star!!<BR><BR>i am a second year student at university and i am having real problems linking my web-based registration page to my stand alone database, the ip is spot on and all the relevent tables are webified. i have a sample set of text but i am completely baffled, any help would be gratefully appreciated, my e-mail address is, (i have entered the code into a text editor but when i view it the text appears on my page!!)<BR><BR>cheers <BR><BR>chris

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    Rendered ASP code does not show in a browser, it is processed on the server and then the output is paged to your browser. Is the database a Microsoft Access database ?<BR><BR>Assuming that it is, your access database must reside on the same server as your ASP page, or at least on the same network, (Your server must have access and rights to the file)<BR><BR>-- Whol

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