When I call a batch file which pings and pipes to a file it works fine. <BR><BR>When I run a batch file which calls a relatively long-winded program (6-10 seconds) which has its own command to write to a text file it doesn&#039;t work. If I pipe the output of the batch file it is empty (should be since it is writing to a text file, but I was looking for errors), so no help there. If I just run the command from the wshshell.run (instead of calling the batch file) I get the same results...nothing. <BR><BR>I have verified there are no errors in the batch file because running the batch file manually works fine. <BR><BR>Any ideas? <BR><BR>My only guess is the time to run issue or more likely having trouble calling a program which has its own built in mechanism to write to a file.<BR><BR>Any advice would be great.<BR><BR>Thanks