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    Al Bear Guest

    Default Record Count Property

    I have arecord set. but when running a record count I get the value -1 which means the number of records can't be determined. any idea how to resolve this problem

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default RE: Record Count Property

    Make sure that you use the correct coursor location E.g.<BR><BR>MyRs.Open MySql, ObjConn, 3, 3

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    What is the cursor type.. Guest

    Default RE: Record Count Property

    What is the cursor type you are using to create the recordset.

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default cursor type ????

    not sure what should it be???

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    Vijay Guest

    Default RE: cursor type ????

    Paste the line of the code(set rs=...) in the forum.<BR><BR>

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default code..

    Set objrec = server.createobject ("ADODB.recordset")

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    Vijay Guest

    Default RE: code..

    No,No..<BR><BR>What is the next line.<BR><BR>is it sql,con,3,3

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default sorry ...more code SQL, DBcon<BR><BR>What dose the 3,3, do????

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    Vijay Guest

    Default RE: sorry ...more code

    your code will open the recordset in forward only cursor, where the recordcount will not work.(i hope i am right, i am out of asp since last 8 months)<BR><BR>just put 3,3 & see the magic.

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