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    does altering the permissions for a file or subdirectory to allow only certain users (in PWS NT 4.0 Workstation) have the same effect as selecting NT authication under IIS for a NT Server or 2000 server? i am given the authentication applet as i expect when attemping to access the page, but does this secure the password? also, i have trouble accessing the page when not from my own computer, does anyone know the correct setting/permissions to have this work for the internet?

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    Ah the joys of NT security :)<BR><BR>I can&#039;t really understand your question so i will answer generally (and hopefully cover what you ask).<BR>If you set the IIS server to use Anonymous user (top one) then it reads files using the ISR_&#060;MACHINENAME&#062; account (local) which is setup when you install IIS. You need to give this account permissions on any file you wish to read.<BR>If you check the "Use NT authentication" option then you are going to use the NT logon username to check if they have access to the files (must have permissions to read on those files).<BR><BR>Having logged on locally to a machine and using PWS you then have access to all the files on that machine (as you will be setup as a local admin) but if you are not using that machine (say using a friends machine to check your work) then they may not have permissions to read those files (enable read for everyone when using PWS).<BR><BR>I don&#039;t believe (i maybe wrong here) that PWS uses the ISR_&#060;MACHINENAME&#062; account - you are using the NT file permissions as it is assumed that you are logged on locally and therefore the machine admin so privs are irrelevant.<BR><BR>I think that covers it....<BR>

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