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    Greetings!<BR><BR>I&#039;m using the LoadPicture function with Protoview ActiveX Suite8.<BR>When i load the page The "Path not Found" error occurs. I&#039;m using a relative path...Does this mean that <BR><BR>the loadPicture function only works for a path in the physical drive of your <BR><BR>computer?(e.g."C:help_down.gif")<BR><BR>Th is is how i used LoadPicture...<BR><BR>&#039;Set OrgStructTree.CustomMicroBitmaps = LoadPicture("../../images/help_down.gif")<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Rachelle

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    I think... it has to be an absolute physical path.<BR><BR>j

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    hi atrax.thanks for responding.=)<BR><BR>do you know any other way to create a picture object? We have tried using the Imagelist Control..but we are having problems in viewing the page if the computer being used dont have visual basic installed in their machine. any help would be much appreciated. Thank you<BR><BR>Rachelle

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