ASP enabled free web host information Needed !!!!!

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Thread: ASP enabled free web host information Needed !!!!!

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    sanju Guest

    Default ASP enabled free web host information Needed !!!!!

    my web hosting company does not support the ASP pages i create i can view them locally through PWS but not through my internet, if anyone could tell me what web site like etc.. provides a free ASP enabled web pages space then it would be greatly helpful...

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    sanju Guest

    Default SORRY about the repetition.....done by accident

    kindly ignore the mistake

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    J. Paul Schmidt Guest

    Default Free ASP Web Hosting

    Here are some resources that may be of help:<BR><BR> : ASP FAQS : Getting Started : Question: Where can I host my ASP Web site for free? - 3/20/2001<BR><BR> is top pick for free Web hosting but it does have its limitations such as just 30MB of space and can be slow.<BR>JPS Note: I believe couldn&#039;t have a global.asa file, domain name is a modification of their domain name but uses something a little different than www such as www15 (at least in the free plan), and they are allowed to see any files you put up there.<BR><BR>Free ASP Hosting Providers<BR><BR>Nothing is rated or ranked or described.<BR><BR>Where can I get free Webspace where I can run my ASP scripts? - 3/14/2000<BR><BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR><BR>J. Paul Schmidt, MBA<BR>Databases on the Web<BR><BR><BR>

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