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    Default SQL query resulting in E_FAIL status

    hi all,<BR><BR>I recently ecountered a problem for which I have no explenation. When I execute the folowing SQL stetement in one of my asp pages I get the following error:<BR>Microsoft Cursor Engine error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>The data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status. <BR><BR>this is the SQL:<BR> SELECT * FROM (Immo LEFT JOIN Plaats ON [Immo].[ReferentieID] =[Plaats].[ReferentieIDR]) LEFT JOIN<BR>SubPlaats ON ([Plaats].[ReferentieIDR] =[SubPlaats].[ReferentieIDRR]) AND ([Plaats].[PlaatsID]<BR>=[SubPlaats].[PlaatsIDR]) WHERE [Immo].[ReferentieID] & [Immo].[AanmaakDatum] & [Immo].[boekDatum] &<BR>[Immo].[Klasse] & [SubPlaats].[Ligging] like &#039%%%t%%%&#039 AND ( (BoekDatum is null) OR (BoekDatum &#062;=<BR>#1-11-99#) ) ORDER BY prijs;<BR><BR>The query works in ms acces! Whats going on?

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    Default I'm getting the same thing :(

    Well, I am getting the same message and I&#039m using Data Shaping. If you happen to discover what in the heck this means, could you please drop me an email! If I figure it out, I&#039ll post it back here. Thanks a zillion!<BR>~Linda<BR>LSocha@dhhs.state.nh.us

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