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    I am using ADO&#039;s to connect to SQL Server 2000 database in my ASP file. To pull about 9500 records and populate the list box, it is taking around 35 seconds. It is in Intranet environment.<BR><BR>is it normal time for that kind of records. Or am I doing something wrong?<BR><BR>Could someone advise me how to increase the performance?

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    9500 records in 35 secs? Not at all bad.<BR><BR>You might try here but I think the savings would be minimal. Do you really need to load all 9500? How about paging through them or some sort of look-up?<BR><BR>

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    I know that I use another dbase server (Oracle 8i) but i had major performance improvements when I ajusted the odbc settings to that dbase. Default was return 10 records at a time, i ajusted it to 100 records (for that source) because the result was 17000 records and that really went fast! (about 4-5 secs). Don&#039;t know if it is also ajustable with SQL-server (no experience with it).<BR> It also makes a big difference what server you use (of course). Our dbserver is a Dual-Xeon500/1Gb RAM.

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