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    Default Closing Tags

    Do you have to close the ASP script tags with a backwards percent sign? Someone told me it would make my pages load faster but I can't seem to find it on my keyboard.

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    Default You are KIDDING right...LOL

    well "incase" you are not you have to close server side tags no choice about will get an error otherwise<BR><BR><BR>and you need %&#062;<BR><BR>nothing backwards

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    Reggie Guest

    Default Huh?

    Weird question. I think they meant that you have to close your script tags with %&#062;<BR><BR>It will probably make it run slower, but that&#039;s the because the script will actually execute.<BR><BR>So instead of using: &#060;%Response.write "test"<BR>Use: &#060;%Response.write "test"%&#062;

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    Default yep

    i would close it.

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    Greg RN Guest

    Default RE: You are KIDDING right...LOL

    But where is the backwards percent key ?!?!? I heard it was control+shift+anykey...

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