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    Spooky Guest

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    Im looking for ideas on how to change an existing intranet site from static htm pages to dynamically contructed asp&#039s based on a template system.<BR>Is it feasible to base the page content in a database or plain html pages and then include them based on link input? or do you have other suggestions?<BR>(realising that I cant base an include page on a hyperlink querystring)<BR>TIA

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    WebDemon Guest

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    Spooky, here&#039s my suggestion. Don&#039t do it! While theoretically dynamically constructed asp pages (or any type of user interface really) are a great idea, you&#039ll run into 2 significant issues very quickly: 1) performance 2) flexibility. By driving your page layout from a database or some include file methodology you are significantly increasing the amount of I/O required to render your page. Expensive stuff as far as performance is concerned. As for flexibility - well - since dynamic includes are not supported in asp your template based system would be limited to reading include files or database fields containing only html. Not sure why that would be beneficial - especially from a maintainabilty perspective.<BR><BR>Use server side include files with common site structures and/or functionality to encapsulate the things you need to. The rest should just be regular ol&#039 asp...<BR><BR>Just my 2 cents... WD

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