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    I have created a Survey for our Intranet that will log the results to an MS-Access Database...basically uses to pages.<BR><BR>One: Survey.htm - Survey Questons<BR>Two: Results.asp - logs to database<BR><BR>On the Survey.htm I&#039;ve tried to use the follow code to trap what computername and username that actually filled out the survey and log it the db as well but I get an vbscript error(Can&#039;t create object) Note: When I put this code the results.asp page it works, however, it records the IIS Server Computer name and the username used to start the IIS service. Also note, the script works from a file on my PC test.vbs.<BR><BR>Code:<BR>Dim vWshNetwork<BR>Dim vComputer<BR>Set vWshNetwork = CreatObject("WScript.Network")<BR>vComputer = vWshNetwork.ComputerName

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    if you tried to use that code in an html file of course it won&#039;t work. it has to be served!!switch the exstension to .asp

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    Sorry, I should have included this info...I did try it will the ASP extension as well.

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