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    I had a feeling using global.asa was as simple as placing the script in the root directory of the asp pages that it was going to refer to. It seems not.<BR><BR>What is involved? Using FP98 in a subweb on an IIS4 server.<BR><BR>Global should be available to all asp in that directory and subs. Do I need to include it in every page?<BR><BR>Do I need to specify the directory as an application at the server? how? <BR><BR>Is there something else I am missing?<BR>The various docs I have read so far dont seem to go to that detail, which is why I thought it may be simple ;)<BR>TIA

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    This really doesn&#039t belong in the database forum, but...<BR><BR>Anyway, Global.asa needs to belong in the root web of the application. So, if you create a new subweb (i.e. a new virtual directory), a global.asa must be placed in that subdirectory. Also, what platform are you developing on? With PWS, I&#039ve always had to reboot to make changes in Global.asa inherent to the pages. If someone knows how to avoid this, please let me know! :-)

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    Thank for the answer any way Scott. I guess it got here because I was using it to set application and sessions for a database.<BR>Its the first place that came to my head. Advanced be better?<BR><BR>Anyway, Im using IIS, and just placing it in the root of the asp pages doesnt appear to work at all. Its gotta be something obvious...I dont have the script close at hand, but it was cut and paste from one of your examples. Using just a variable eg : Application("SessionName") = "Bob" after the _OnStart declaration and then writing it in a page in the same directory resulted in nothing.<BR><BR>So nothing needs to be set at the server level?<BR><BR>Hmmm

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