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    I have included a Ms Activex control in my webpage, I have no problems viewing it from ie on the pc, however when I view it from ie on the mac, the control is not there, and it doesn't throw any type of error. Does anyone know why this happens or how it can be resolved?

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    The control must be installed on each client's PC. Your ActiveX control is local to your PC.

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    I think she means her control works on ALL pc&#039;s, just not Mac. I could be wrong though.<BR><BR>Poster: Remember code you write for one platform may not necessarily port over to another (unless you happen to be doing this in Java). If you&#039;re writing in VB, I don&#039;t know if Mac includes the vb run time files -- if not, you may be SOL. You would think if MS ported their browser over, it may be there, but who knows? Is it just one Mac you tested it on? Or are there several?<BR><BR>You could clean up this problem with a Java Applet -- although it&#039;s not necessarily for the faint of heart.

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