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Thread: Print option of IE use parameter?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>We need to report data on the web, we try to do this reporting without using any ActiveX,... So the data can be easily formatted well in a Report page using Table tag. ... But the problem is when the client when to print his data. The report look is not very good.<BR><BR>Every report contain a print button (calling the Print option of IE ( window.print() ). So at this place/moment is it possible to configure my report "template". ?<BR><BR>I mean : Is is possible to configure/send parameters to the IE Print option of or to the Printer directly? Like putting Header/footer, note, page number, landscape/letter sheet? <BR><BR><BR>Thanks a lot for your help! :)

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    Well all that is the browser options and you have no control over them.<BR><BR>What you can do is have the user choose pring and load a printable version of your repost in a new window and then close that repost<BR><BR>OR use a DIV tag and hide your print button

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